“Chinese Medicine and the Splitting of the Doctor-Patient Archetypes”European Journal of Oriental Medicine, 2019 Vol 9 (3)

This article explores the dual nature of healer and patient that exists in each person, proposing the idea that a doctor has an ‘inner patient’ just as the patient has an ‘inner doctor’. These basic principles form what are called archetypal patterns. In a clinical setting, these patterns can become "split" through the denial or repression of one side of the archetypal pair, with consequences for both doctor and patient, and the efficacy and outcome of the treatment. This process is discussed, with some suggestions of ways in which the practitioner may minimise its occurence, particularly in the context of TCM treatment.


Smell Your REflections: on the soul’s meaningful scent images

To complete my PhD in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Somatic Studies, I published my dissertation on the topic of meaningful aromas.