Brian Falk PhD, LAc, holds a Master's Degree in Chinese Medicine from Five Branches University in Santa Cruz. Brian also earned a PhD in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Somatic Studies from Pacifica Graduate University.

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Brian has integrated his formal education with extensive travel abroad. He worked in the hospitals in Hang Zhou, China, where he was exposed to pediatric massage, herbal treatment for stroke patients, and advanced acupuncture techniques. He also ran a medical clinic on the Caribbean Princess cruise lines, treating people from around the world. Extended time in Brazil, New Zealand, Japan, and Europe has given Brian a rich cultural education that has allowed him to connect with various types of people and life situations.

In addition to running his medical clinic in Carpinteria, he is a teacher and writer, with an intention to spread Wisdom traditions for the benefit of humanity and Nature. Past lectures and seminars have included topics such as vision improvement, food as medicine, and using acupuncture and massage for chronic pain.

Brian is also a co-host on Santa Barbara Teen Sports Radio on KZSB AM 1290, which broadcasts every Tuesday at 9am.

My Healing Philosophy

Since I was a young boy I wanted to help people. As I grew up, I developed a passion for teaching and realized I also loved using my hands.

As a traveler of foreign lands, I was drawn to broader cosmology. I like to believe that Chinese medicine found me--a wise tradition that speaks to my heart. This lead me to a career in Chinese medicine. Later, I fell into the depths of psychology and my soul found its home in pursuing a Ph.D. in psychology.

A perpetual student, I continue to devour knowledge from a wide range of fields, seeking to integrate that knowledge with my own experiences and practice. Medicine and teaching are complementary forces in my life that fuel a passion for deepening my skill range as a clinician and human being.