Michael: Shoulder pain
“I had shoulder pain that could be disabling even when toweling off my back. Cortisone injections from an orthopedic surgeon did not touch the pain and an MRI with possible surgery was in the future. After one treatment there was 30% improvement. After three treatments I would rate the pain at 80% improvement, and it still is several weeks later.”

Mike: Back pain
“Recently, I ruptured a disc in my back. I’ve been working with a chiropractor and physical therapist for nearly a month and the results were slow. I decided to try acupuncture with Brian. Within two treatments I was walking without a cane! After three treatments I feel I am 40% recovered. Thank you!”

Beverly: Wrist and Hand pain
“I had been going for traditional treatment of Dequervain’s Tenosynovitis (painful inflammation of the tendons on the thumb side of the wrist), but had no relief. After only one treatment with acupuncture my wrist had considerably less pain and greater flexibility. This was my first experience with acupuncture, but Brian’s gentle manner and thorough knowledge of his art calmed my doubts and resulted in a pain-free, healing experience.”

Debra: Planter Fasciitis and Bursitis
“I came to Brian with very painful planter fasciitis and bursitis in my hip. After one treatment they both greatly improved. For the first time in months I am walking without a limp. And after the treatment I took the stairs! Brian was professional, understanding, and most importantly, effective. I am a convert to acupuncture!”

Gisela: Hip pain
“I had debilitating pain in my left hip. After three treatments of acupuncture I was able to walk relatively pain free, get in and out of vehicles, and sleep through the night without waking up several times because of pain.”

Celia: Arthritis
“I have Osteo and Rheumatoid arthritis in my entire body, but especially in my wrist, hip, back, knee, and ankle. I wanted to try acupuncture, but was told by my rheumatologist that it wouldn’t work on me. I was in great pain and limping when I first saw Brian. After the first treatment my wrist pain stopped, with reduced swelling and my range of motion was greatly improved. The second treatment took all my hip and back pain away, and I was able to sleep better. Treatment three greatly helped my knee and ankle. I would highly recommend Brian and acupuncture to everyone is pain.”

Thomas: Leg pain
“I had left leg pain which radiated from my low back down to my toes. My body was bent over and twisted because the pain was so great. Right after my first acupuncture treatment I felt immediate relief. The next morning I noticed a big difference in the pain level. I could stand straight and walk with little discomfort. After three treatments the pain level continues to diminish and I am walking better.”